Welcome to the Land of the Slumlord Millionaires 

Welcome to the Land of the Slumlord Millionaires 

By Marie Porter – Sov Indo

Remember the days of the Celtic Tiger when city slickers were buying homes at astronomical prices and thinking the Tiger was an immortal beast akin to some mythical God like creature from Greek mythology?


Unfortunately the Greek tragedy was soon to follow and likewise the Celtic Tiger crawled off into the Irish Sea to be swept away in the trough of a wave over the horizon and far away disappearing somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle never to return….


Remember all those bank bailouts that Irish families will now be paying for in decades to come as their children and their grandchildren pick up the tab for political corruption and banking malpractice and criminality?




Remember the crash which resulted in lost jobs, lost homes and lost dreams of a bright future?






There’s a saying which states that “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One” and a book by the same name by author William K Black.




In the same way, we could say that the best way to own a house or property is to rob the system which finances it, crash the economy as a result, put ordinary people out of work and in default of their mortgages then move in like vultures over the carcass of what’s left. Once you’ve done that and repossessed thousands of properties from the victims of your Ponzi scheme you then move onto the ‘too big to fail’ phase of your fraud and tell your friends in high places who you control, namely the government of the day, and tell them to give you billions of Euros of taxpayer money or you will crash the economy even further and ensure that they will no longer hold the seat of power.


Once you get your billions of Euros you keep stealing the properties of ordinary working people with complete disregard for the misery you have caused and, with the arrogance of the Borgias, continue on your merry way with massive salaries and bonuses for yourselves and your underlings to ensure that the scam stays within the institutions that orchestrated the fraud in the first place.




But you’re finished quite yet; the next part of the fraud is coming down the tracks as you scheme and manipulate the system to your advantage even more.


Now, you want to make those people even less in control of their futures whom you’ve already plunged into misery; namely those who in good faith took mortgages with you when times were good and whose families have bailed out you and your institutions and who will pay a heavy price for generations to come.


In what equates to grand theft part two, you now want to negate their mortgages and make them tenants by taking possession of properties they have already in many cases made substantial payments towards into what they hoped was the dream of home ownership and an asset to hand down to their children.


You are now to become the biggest private landlords in the country with the ability to evict your servile tenants far easier than you could repossess their homes under the terms of a mortgage. You are in fact repossessing them through the devious process of claiming to help struggling home owners, a financial disaster which you have perpetrated on the Irish people, by getting them to voluntarily sign their homes back to you so you may then charge ever increasing rents in perpetuity.


Your only obligation is to offer the owner, on signing their dreams away to you, is a promise of a 20 year rental agreement. That of course is negated if the original owner decides to move home, which is highly likely, and the next tenant will get no such guarantee at all.




The scam is complete and the Irish tax payer has footed the bill for every part of it… all that remains in the future is monthly rental payments for a property you hoped one day to own which was stolen from you by the same cabal that sold it to you.


I guess that’s what they call ‘Keeping it in house’…



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