​Old Age Misery Aids China

​Old Age Misery Aids China

Marie Porter – Sov Indo 

As if life in Britain wasn’t bad enough for old age pensioners, it now seems they have to sit huddled under their blankets afraid to turn the heat too high for fear of bills they can’t afford and do without the basics in life just to get by.




Many live below the minimum wage after decades of work and pension contributions to no avail. The government cares little or not at all for these pensioners and their plight. I tend to think the latter is the case whilst politicians give themselves huge salary increases and perks whilst justifying it with any number of spurious reasons.




There are many reasons why Britain’s pensioners are wallowing in poverty. Consecutive governments over decades have wasted countless billions of pounds on white elephants and other crack pot schemes to deprive the whole nation of much needed financial resources.




This type of squandering of taxpayer money, of which pensioners have contributed heavily towards over their lifetimes and who are now still contributing heavily, not only in the form of VAT but also Income Tax with the UK’s pensioners paying at least 11% of the total Income Tax for the UK. in 2015, should be a national scandal. The silence is deafening.




This must be sickening for everyone in the country but in particular those pensioners who have worked their whole lives to be left out on the fringes of society with barely enough finances to survive on a subsistence level.


So how angered they must be to see today’s government give away £1.3 billion to Chinese pensioners? To put that into perspective that’s £1 for every person in China or £20 for every person in the UK.




Britain also pays out millions of pounds in foreign aid to numerous other countries, two of which in particular Britain has a direct involvement in creating the conflict which has resulted in the need for aid in the first place, namely Afghanistan and Syria, each receiving £200 million pounds annually from the pockets of British taxpayers who of course have already paid for the vast amounts of weaponry and indirect resources used to destroy these countries.


Without these illegal and brutal bombing campaigns Britain’s pensioners wouldn’t find themselves requiring ‘aid’ of which there is little doubt they will never receive.




Then there’s Libya


“Official figures show that the eight-month military intervention unleashed by David Cameron in support of rebels fighting Colonel Gadaffi’s regime cost £320 million.”




To achieve what exactly?




But it’s not only the insane warmongering of all sides in the UK parliament that rob Britain’s most needy of the essentials for a decent living. Each war brings with it refugees to the country, each also costing vast sums annually.




Even taking the lower estimate of 20,000 refugees at £24,000 each that equates to £48 million a year, every year. And that’s just from Syria!


China is not a poor country.


It is the manufacturer for the world these days and regardless of what think tanks and politicians would have you believe, it is not a ‘Third World’ or ‘Developing’ country. A few years ago China overtook the US as the world’s largest economy and bragged that it no longer needed foreign factories to boost its global manufacturing empire.






Chinese corporations also invest in major sports conglomerates. But they won’t invest in their own people?




China a hard line Communist country and has been for over 60 years with a brutal disregard for human rights.


It is a barbaric regime which executes more people than the US. (See the Vanity Fair link above.)


It still conducts organ harvesting from prisoners and others.






It still uses torture, but of course so does the US and Britain.




It is certainly not a poor country. It should be China giving British pensioners a subsidy!




But it’s all about business for multi-national corporations of course and nothing to do with ordinary people. How much of that £1.3 Billion will actually find its way into the pockets of Chinese pensioners?


China also has its own foreign aid policy and annually gives away in excess of £150 Billion. So why are we giving China money when they not only have more money than any other developed country, but they also give it away in vast amounts?


The simple reason is that this is simply peanuts when it comes to the vast amounts to be gained by cosy business deals made behind locked doors by what can only be described as corrupt politicians on all sides of any deal.


Why is Theresa May, the unelected Prime Minister of Britain attending such meetings as this?




(And how much did that cost our poor pensioners to fund?)








How long it’ll be before we hear cries of… “British people don’t want to do these jobs, we’ll need to bring workers from China”.


This already happens in the US with South Koreans in their tens of thousands getting US visas to pick pine cones for a pittance of $9 an hour because “Americans and Mexicans aren’t reliable”.




Of course, so called ‘trade’ between a brutal communist dictatorship and what is thinly disguised as a not so brutal ‘socialist’ dictatorship in the form of the UK, never seems to help anyone but multi-national corporations with their clever accountants and off shore banking facilities.


The question that is never answered, or never asked at all by the mainstream media, is why we invest and give away billions of pounds in aid and other dubious schemes whilst allowing the infrastructure and major natural resources to be taken over by foreign interests when we could have easily funded these ourselves?




Isn’t this a threat to our national security? These Chinese ‘owners’ are directly tied to the Chinese government!


Is it wise to allow any foreign power, nevermind a brutal Communist dictatorship, control of your oil supply?


How did this happen under an SNP government in Edinburgh?


Everyone in Britain is being robbed of their respective country’s wealth and resources which belong to the people, not the government or any private corporation.


As pensioners and those living in poverty lay in bed at night wondering how the country got into such a state of affairs after they and their parents fought two world wars to prevent this happening, is it any wonder that many contemplate suicide?




“Is this what the state wants” is the question.


When the state doesn’t care whether you live or die in poverty and actively takes measures to ensure that you remain in poverty by squandering the wealth of the nation for their own vested interests, the answer is pretty obvious.


The basic pension in the UK is approximately £113 per week after 30 years of contributions totalling just under £6000




An MP, after only one term in office, 5 years maximum, receives just under £19,000.




And the ordinary pensioners have to pay for that!


Go figure….


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