War is Our Business and the Bloody Business is Booming

War is Our Business and the Bloody Business is Booming

Marie Porter – Sov Indo

Dishonesty, deceit, lies and hypocrisy are all well-known trademarks and characteristics of the world’s politicians.

Nowhere is this more evident than those lies, the dishonesty, deceit and hypocrisy espoused in the advancement of war, the destruction of the very fabric and infrastructure of sovereign nations and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

Corruption for self-aggrandisement and pure greed is just one despicable element of government and always has been. The public may moan and groan about how they’re getting away with murder.

Unfortunately, when they are actually getting away with mass murder on a grand scale, the vast majority of the public will cheer the nation and salute the flag, praising their leaders for advancing ‘democracy’ at the point of a depleted uranium bullet or shell.

Premeditated murder is planned murder regardless of what excuse you use to perpetrate such a heinous crime and in many countries you are executed for it.

Not so if you’re a head of state. You are glorified and immortalised as an advocate of peace and in certain cases given a Nobel Peace Prize for being a warmonger. Step forward Barack Obama.

But all self-titled ‘world leaders’ who are forcing democracy upon countries and people who never asked for it in the first place using the proverbial barrel of high tech and sadistic weaponry are as guilty of mass murder as any infamous serial killing monster imaginable and should be viewed and reviled as such.

The uncanny knack for doing so whilst maintaining an air of human normality is a sure sign of the psychopathic nature of such people.

Angela Merkel is the latest hypocritical mass murderer to front the pages of the gutter press masking hypocrisy with platitudes to the global Muslim population stating that they need to step forward to assist those who have wantonly decimated their Muslim countries; namely ‘world leaders’, using ‘peace bombs’ to justify their murderous actions.

Orwellian doublespeak knows no limits and holds nobody to task for immorality.

As Merkel is reaching out to Muslims in a sickening display worthy of the top flight of Greek tragedy actors it’s worth taking a look at Germany’s role in the conflicts which have created mass movements fighting Western imperialist crusades  against Muslim countries in recent times.

I wonder what ordinary German people would be called if the might of the Muslim world were to infiltrate, bomb and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent German people in the name of bringing Islam to them?

I guarantee they would not be called terrorists. They would be heroes defending the Fatherland from a foreign usurper, fighting to the death for their country and praised globally for their efforts.


ISIS… It IS what it IS… Was of course created from the ashes of Al Queda because they had ceased to be scary enough for an increasingly sceptical public and so another bogeyman needed to emerge.

Both Al Queda and ISIS are of course products of Western intelligence organisations; In effect a manufactured enemy to justify a continuing manufactured bogus ‘war on terror’.


The following quotes by Hilary Clinton should leave people in no doubt as to who is to blame for today’s bogeymen.

“Let’s remember here… the people we are fighting today we funded them twenty years ago

… let’s go recruit these mujahideen. 

 “And great, let them come from Saudi Arabia and other countries, importing their Wahabi brand of Islam so that we can go beat the Soviet Union.” 


Strange that the US and Britain haven’t invaded Saudi Arabia isn’t it?

But back to Merkel and Germany’s role in major Middle East and North African conflicts of recent times.

The Afghanistan war alone is estimated in the article below.

“…the German share of the net present value of the total costs of the war ranges from 26 billion Euro to 47 billion Euro. This large range reflects the uncertainties with which the costs must be estimated. On an annual basis, we estimate that the German participation in the war costs between 2.5 and 3 billion Euro. This contrasts with the official war budget, which is little over 1 billion Euro for 2010, showing that governments may not adequately represent the costs of military action.”


The interesting fact is that Germany actually has an ‘official war budget’ and they spent in excess of 2.5 to 3 times that amount annually. That is just an estimate.

Iraq… 1991

“BONN, Jan. 30— Chancellor Helmut Kohl warned Germans today that they would not be able to avoid playing a role in the war against Iraq.

In a speech to Parliament, Mr. Kohl pledged that Germany would pay a fair share of war costs and would provide increased military aid to Israel.

The Government interprets Germany’s Constitution as banning the dispatch of German troops to combat zones outside the NATO theatre, but Mr. Kohl said he would seek to amend the Constitution to allow German soldiers to take part in United Nations peacekeeping missions.

“There can be no safe little corner in world politics for us Germans,” Mr. Kohl said. “We have to face up to our responsibility, whether we like it or not. Until now, we have worked actively and successfully for the world’s economic stability. This will no longer be enough.”

On Tuesday, responding to assertions that his Government had not contributed enough to the anti-Iraq effort, Mr. Kohl announced that Germany would send an additional $5.5 billion to the allied coalition. According to official figures, that raises the German contribution to slightly more than $9 billion.

Mr. Kohl warned today that tax increases would be needed to finance Germany’s future contributions.”

 “An Israeli delegation is in Germany discussing details of a coming German military aid package. Newspaper reports published today said the Israelis had asked for $670 million in aid, including 2 submarines, 10 helicopters, batteries of Patriot and Hawk missiles, hand-held Stinger antiaircraft weapons, and serums for victims of anthrax and other poisons, as well as 100,000 gas masks.”


After giving so much away back in the early 1990’s to foreign powers with no need of such aid in the first place seemed to have destroyed any capability of the German military to act if needed.

This was apparently the case in Sept.2014


Move on 3 months and it appears that’s all changed for the German military as they contemplate boots on the ground in Iraq, changing the law to facilitate it.


4Libya… 2011

“Germany has a strong friendship with our European partners. But we won’t take part in any military operation and I will not send German troops to Libya.”


Not so 5 years later…



Syria…Dec. 2015


It seems like they’d already decided a month earlier…


And if it wasn’t so serious and deadly you would think that current German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier was doing a stand-up comedy routine….


Angela Merkel and every other ‘world leader’ who has sought to justify their mass murder of innocent people using the excuse of spreading freedom under the guise of manufactured and illegal wars is a war criminal.

There is no justification for their actions and those actions are ultimately those of a homicidal maniac disguised in a very expensive business suit…

I guess it just that… business… And the bloody business is good…

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