Bending Gender is a Straight Forward Agenda – Part 1

 Bending Gender is a Straight Forward Agenda – Part 1

​Marie Porter  – Sov Indo 


The word ‘gender’ does not as most people would have you believe denote the sex, male or female, of an individual and its meaning has been further confused and abused since the end of the 20th century at the same time as the ‘gay rights’ movement surfaced. That’s not a coincidence.


Definitions of the word are widely available online but since the recent controversy over the use of college bathrooms in the US is the current meme being used to promote abnormal sexual confusion I’ll use the very simple definition for students.


noun gen·der \ˈjen-dər\

Definition of gender for Students

1. :  the state of being male or female :  sex


This word has of course been abused to the extent to cover any type of sexual deviancy from the norm of male/female relationships.


We now have the LGBTQ movement; – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer.


Queer seems to now be a catch all definition for some in this strange club. But don’t ever use it… It may cause offence.


Top Definition


queer: Originally pejorative for gay, now being reclaimed by some gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered persons as a self-affirming umbrella term. Caution: still extremely offensive when used as an epithet.


And therein lies the problem.


You cannot have an opinion on people who wish to identify as anything other than normal heterosexual men and women.


I use the word ‘normal’ because that is the usual state of affairs in the human species. Men and women reproduce more men and women otherwise we wouldn’t all be here. That’s the way it’s always been in human society and throughout the animal kingdom… Unless you want to get picky and point out that earthworms have the sexual organs of male and female and can reproduce themselves… But we’re not talking about earthworms.


Recent developments in the US where Donald Trump has reversed the decision to allow transgender students the right to use the same bathrooms and locker rooms as heterosexual students has sparked outrage amongst the LGBTQ club and whatever else they care to call themselves.


Haven’t the normal majority got the right to privacy in a school bathroom? Aren’t they the ones being psychologically bullied into accepting the unacceptable for fear of being labelled homophobic?


I wonder if having a fetish for wool garments means I can identify as a sheep and indulge in some bestiality because it’s my right and it doesn’t matter what the majority of sheep want. They just have to get used to it.


And since when did a person’s sexuality become some kind of fashion statement to be brandished in public regardless of the fact that if normal heterosexual people were to do likewise they would undoubtedly be arrested?


As to the term ‘transgender’, there is no such thing. You cannot change the brain of a male or female to make it the opposite much as the media would love you to believe so. Mutilating your body does not make you something other than what you were born. It simply makes you deformed.


You are born a man or a woman and that is all you will ever be regardless of your sexual preferences or what gender you claim to ‘identify’ with.


Sexuality is a private matter. I don’t think any rational person would disagree. So why is it that these groups seems to have an addiction to displaying theirs in public at any given opportunity?


Again, that is not a normal human trait.


When did you ever hear of a ‘Heterosexual Pride’ march?


The term ‘gender confusion’ is important. It clearly shows that it’s a ‘confused’ mental state and not a physical one. No amount of self-mutilation is going to change that.


The figures speak for themselves with 41% of ‘transgenders’ committing suicide after surgery.


These groups have of course been encouraged by the numerous organisations who will have them believe that they’re there to protect them and will use scare tactics to instil the fear in their followers.


The decision not to allow those of abnormal sexual preferences access to male/female areas is portrayed as ‘bullying’.


What has this to do with bullying?


Again, I use the words ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ in the true sense of their societal definitions, not as any form of politically incorrect ‘hate speech’ which I’m sure it’ll be taken as by some in a ‘confused’ mental state who can’t understand basic language.


Such is the state of mind of the average person these days that offence can be taken over anything disagreeable to a certain mind set. That is the problem of the mind set and not the portrayed ‘offender’.


You can look up the definitions yourselves if you feel ‘offended’ because quite frankly I couldn’t care less if your brain is so scrambled that you are.


But how did the human species get to a stage where ‘gay’ is now being sold to the public as somehow the natural order of things when only 1% of the population is identified as being ‘gay’ in whatever definition is used.


Why is it now the norm on virtually every TV show and movie over recent years we see ‘gay’ being shoved down our throats from every angle of the media? Even ‘The Walking Dead’ has a gay couple who it seems are surviving the apocalypse and won’t be eaten by the zombie hoards. I suppose that would be against their rights and would lead to protests by ‘gay’ viewers offended by zombie bullying.


There is clearly more to this than meets the eye. It is an agenda.


Let’s look at some numbers:-

“In 2015, the majority (93.7%) of the UK population identified themselves as heterosexual or straight, with 1.7% identifying as LGB, the remainder either identifying as “other”, “don’t know” or refusing to respond. Young adults (16 to 24 year olds) are more likely to identify as LGB compared with older age groups, and a higher proportion of males identify as LGB than females.”

Pamela Cobb, Population Statistics Division, Office for National Statistics


It’s interesting that in terms of the general population 93.7% identify as normal with only 1.7% identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual. Where’s the other 5% and how much of that could and probably should be attributed to the intelligent people who told the surveyor to mind their own f**king business?


Why isn’t that figure there?


It’s not there because they want you to believe that there is a significant percentage of people who should have specific rights of protection from the normal people in society who I think it’s fair to say want nothing to do with these groups.


The problem arises when these groups are encouraged to force attention on themselves, force their opinions on the 93.7% who are not interested in them and to attack the normal majority by claiming that they’re being discriminated against when in fact the rights of the majority are being attacked by them and being eradicated.


This insignificant statistical minority are being orchestrated using the well understood tactics of Saul Alinsky.


He outlined his tactics in his book ‘Rules for Radicals’ which he dedicated to Lucifer.


The tactics outlined in this book are identical to those being used to coerce LGBTQ groups to protest and cause conflict in general society. Alinsky claimed to be helping such groups as the African American community in the US but in fact encouraged them to carry out actions which further alienated the general population from them under the guise of having them fighting for equal rights. He was very proud of his achievements and is held in high esteem by all sides of the political establishment in the UK and the US.


Hilary Clinton even did her university thesis on his works. Barack Obama was also a firm believer in his theories.


And you wonder why they support such groups?


In the UK both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party also use his techniques and cite his works as significant in shaping today’s society.


Remember… He dedicated his book to LUCIFER!


Read it for yourself….


This is no different to the encouragement of gay pride marches or encouraging Muslims to riot on the streets of Paris or Anti-Capitalists to vandalise central London.


None of these actions gather support from any rational thinking person.


Parents who think it’s somehow cool and trendy or ‘liberal’ (Communist) to take their children to gay pride marches, disguised as ‘carnivals’ are falling into the trap of accepting the unacceptable and encouraging their children to explore a counter culture of abnormal sexual activity. Quite frankly, it’s child abuse.


Talking of children and what is normal for children, why is it that there is a huge focus on the rights of the child these days unless it involves the adoption industry? It seems that people of abnormal sexual persuasion have the right to adopt a child but the child has no right to a normal family life.


The rights of any child are to be granted a normal upbringing within a defined and accepted family structure in society. All societies of any culture involve a mother and father; female and male. There is no other definition of that structure and no group has the right to redefine it to suit their own particular agenda.


To force a child into a domestic situation where the ’parents’ are either of the same sex/gender or some other strange combination is not a natural or psychologically healthy environment for any child, regardless of what the media or any government organisation will have you believe and it cannot be seen in any context as contributing to a normal, healthy environment for a child’s upbringing.


It is not normal and again should be viewed, not only as denying the rights of the child, but as serious child abuse.


But how has all of this come about and why is it that we see an increased focus on such groups with a drive to create the impression in the public mind that they are somehow special and deserve specific rights which supersede the rights of the vast majority?


If there are more LGBTQ people then where did they come from?


In Part 2 I’ll be looking at the chemicals in the environment which are contributing to such a phenomenon.




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  • Waiting for May, Brussels eyes December Brexit deal November 22, 2017
    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - When Theresa May visits Brussels on Friday, EU negotiators will be listening intently for signs the British prime minister is preparing to risk a domestic backlash and raise her offer to secure a Brexit deal in December.

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