U.N High Commissioner for Human Rights ~ The Hypocritical Prince Of Despotic Tyrant King of Jordan

U.N High Commissioner for Human Rights ~ The Hypocritical Prince Of Despotic Tyrant King of Jordan

Marie Porter – Sov Indo

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights – The Hypocritical Prince of the Despotic Tyrant King of Jordan

When an ‘elite’ Jordanian ‘prince’, who is also next in line to be crowned ‘King’, or ‘Crown Prince’ of Iraq, starts pontificating over Europe’s increasing resistance to Muslim ‘refugees’ flooding into the continent, Prince Zeid bin Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, should start criticising his own evil family’s business in Jordan, which has been brutally running that country for decades.

Perhaps then he can take time out from ignoring his own family’s brutal regime and look at the U.N.’s own role and actions in causing such chaos within Europe under the guise of Multicultural integration and protecting Human Rights.


In recent decades the U.N. has without doubt has been complicit in and contributed to actions, through resolutions for the instigation of illegal wars, which have caused this exodus and the Islamification of the European continent.

Islamic violence and cultural conflict is an everyday occurrence in capital cities and elsewhere in various countries where EU and UN ‘quotas’ for ‘refugees’ have been imposed.

This has been forced on populations throughout Europe with Australia, Canada and the U.S. amongst others also being bullied by undemocratic U.N. ‘diktats’ to ‘take their share’.

This is against the will of the vast majority of indigenous people within their respective borders and certainly without any democratic mandate to do so by organisations unelected by any European citizen in any state within its geographical borders or the wider world.

The U.N. has no mandate to interfere in the domestic policy of any nation in any respect whatsoever despite any claims it may make to the contrary.

It is an unelected private club with no democratic authority over anyone or any government.

Prince Zeid bin Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein is of course a Muslim so why isn’t he supporting the relocation of Muslim ‘refugees’ to other Muslim countries such as his own place of birth in Jordan or his soon to be ‘Kingdom of Iraq’?

Hypocrisy is too small a word for this son of a brutal Middle Eastern dictator.

“Jordan hosted over 633,000 Syrian refugees in 2015, although authorities tightened entry restrictions and held thousands of Syrians in remote border areas with limited access to humanitarian aid. In November, Jordan deported at least 500 Sudanese asylum-seekers and refugees, most from Darfur, back to Sudan. The government curtailed freedom of expression, detaining and bringing charges against activists, dissidents, and journalists, sometimes under broad and vague provisions of the country’s counterterrorism law. Authorities have not released public information on trials of police officers for deaths in detention. The country’s broad anti-terrorism law threatens freedom of expression, and other laws criminalize speech deemed critical of the king, government and Islam. Jordan discriminates against women by not allowing them to pass Jordanian citizenship to their children”

And this is coming from a man who claims to stand for women’s and children’s rights?

If the child of a Jordanian woman’s child has no right to Jordanian citizenship then it becomes a refugee in its own country.


Perhaps he needs to have a meeting with his father who brutally lords over Jordanian citizens with complete disregard for human rights.

“The most significant human rights problems were: citizens’ inability to change their government peacefully; mistreatment and allegations of torture by security and government officials with impunity; restrictions on freedom of expression that limited the ability of citizens and media to criticize government policies and officials; and restrictions on freedom of assembly and association, leading to the repeated arrest of protesters charged with unlawful gathering.”

 “Other human rights problems included poor prison conditions, arbitrary arrest and denial of due process through administrative detention, prolonged detention, and allegations of nepotism and the influence of special interests on the judiciary. The government continued to infringe on citizens’ privacy rights. Government interference in the media and threats of fines and detention encouraged selfcensorship. Violence against women was widespread, and abuse of children persisted. Legal and societal discrimination and harassment remained a problem for women, religious minorities, religious converts, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons. Trafficking in persons remained a problem. Discrimination against persons with disabilities was a problem. Legal and societal discrimination against persons of Palestinian origin remained widespread. The government restricted labor rights, and local and international human rights organizations reported frequent abuse of foreign domestic workers. Impunity remained widespread, and the government did not take sufficiently strong steps to investigate, prosecute, or punish officials who committed abuses.”

Torture is also common.

“International and domestic organizations stated that security forces continued to practice torture and mistreatment, particularly in police stations. The NCHR reported instances of police kicking, burning, and beating detainees with sticks and whips, sometimes while the detainees’ hands and feet were bound. Throughout the year various individuals and local NGOs reported that in an effort to humiliate detainees, government agents at times sexually abused them during arrest or detention by making them remove their clothing and perform sexual acts or threatening them with rape. The NCHR reported in 2013 the numbers showed a noticeable increase in complaints of torture and mistreatment as the center received 19 cases of beating and torture at prisons and rehabilitation centers. The 2013 NCHR report indicated that authorities extracted confessions in some death penalty cases under torture, although the constitution stipulates that any confession extracted under torture is void. The report documented that neither the legislative nor the executive powers took effective steps to address the issue of torture.”

 And it goes on….

You can read the full report here.


His claims that certain Western politicians, who are criticised for being ‘nationalistic’ (by simply wishing to put the welfare of their own countries first) are comparable to ISIS is laughable considering his country’s full support in the training of so called ‘moderate’ ISIS terrorists to fight what he describes as the brutal dictatorship of Syrian Prime Minister Assad whilst at the same time stating that ISIS are a despicable terrorist force plaguing the Middle East.


Perhaps he should be supporting these ‘nationalist’ politicians with the same enthusiasm as his tyrannical father is supporting known terrorist groups?


Nothing this hypocritical fraud or his U.N. paymasters say has any relevance or legitimacy whatsoever in light of his own family’s continued abuse of human rights in the country where his father still rules as another Middle Eastern Western backed despot.




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