Freeze Pensioners to Death to Reduce Ireland’s ‘Carbon Footprint’ or You Will be Fined!

Freeze Pensioners to Death to Reduce Ireland’s ‘Carbon Footprint’ or You Will be Fined!

​Marie Porter – Sov Indo

The attack on rural Ireland has continued relentlessly over the past couple of weeks with Post Offices and bank closures around the country set to cut off crucial services to local communities heavily reliant on them; particularly pensioners.
As if that wasn’t bad enough it’s now being proposed that coal and peat, the essential heating fuels for rural Ireland, are to be banned using the long debunked global warming pseudo-scientific fairy tale as an excuse to condemn what remains of life in rural Ireland to history as it becomes more a struggle for survival as the very means of survival are withdrawn by callous politicians at the bidding of global elites who see it as their duty to kill off useless eaters in huge numbers across the planet.
It’s another nail in the every readying coffin of rural Ireland and perhaps rural undertakers should start ordering extra coffins as the ‘carbon footprints’ are set to plummet in those areas where old age carbon based life forms freeze to death in their thousands in the years to come.
This is being proposed as the EU, that Socialist Soviet Union of former distinct European nations decides that it will impose fines on the apparent ‘independent’ Irish government for failing to kill off enough carbon life forms that are simply using too many natural resources to keep themselves alive or simply breathing.
But it’s not just people who are to be culled in the name of climate zealots. Farming, the main industry in any rural environment is also under attack with the Irish Green Party the epicentre of lunacy with their insane proposals which includes reducing emissions from livestock. In other words, we have pay carbon taxes to help fight cow farts. Yes, it sounds insane because it is insane.
“We support action to improve the energy efficiency of the farming sector as well as climate-friendly agricultural practices and the reduction of livestock emissions.”
Eamon Ryan, Green Party ‘leader’ talking hot air from his own arse.
Of course, the only way to reduce the emissions of livestock is to have less livestock.
What should be obvious in the quote above is that reducing human emissions means the exactly the same thing. Just as cattle are seen as a ‘methane footprint’ to be eradicated, humans are viewed as the ‘carbon footprint’ and are set to suffer the same fate.
But unfortunately it’s no laughing matter if you’re a pensioner in rural Ireland, a pensioner who has helped feed the country for decades, paid your taxes with an expectation that you deserved a decent retirement for your efforts.
All you’re being offered now is a death sentence as you wait for the arrival of the next winter, as temperatures continue to fall across the planet in an ‘inconvenient truth’ to the pioneers of genocidal global warming mythology continue the lie that the planet is warming.

But hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of the biggest scientific fraud in the history of mankind.
In the UK, big business is now stepping in to have anyone sacked in industry that doesn’t conform and apply measures to combat the non-existent threat of global warming.

And the UK is set to face the same consequences as Ireland if it fails to meet it’s ‘carbon footprint’ target regardless of the cost to the people of the country who will have to pay more for less.
But of course energy companies won’t be losing out. In fact they make even more cash as people pay substantially more for their compliance to pseudo-scientific nonsense.
And further idiocy ensues… 
Apparently animals will shrink due to, yes you’ve guessed, global warming. How the animal is conscious of shrinking, presumably over centuries, is anyone’s guess… just like the weather forecast.
I guess that presumption must then be that humans will also shrink to a size appropriate to climactic conditions prevailing in any particular epoch in the life of planet Earth.
However, you’ll be hard pressed to find any evidence whatsoever for that hypothesis throughout history in eras when the planet was both hotter and colder than the present time period. I see nowhere in historical references where the planet was inhabited by small swarms of human midgets scavenging for pigmy pigs and cattle. In fact, in prehistoric times when the planet was considerably hotter than it is now history tells us that the biggest animals known to have been on the planet in the form of dinosaurs, were alive, well and hunted by humans for their meat and dinosaur farts weren’t a problem either.
But that is no consolation to the pensioners of Ireland and elsewhere who are going to be forced out of their ancestral rural environments as they become the prey of power companies and pseudo-intellectual morons and shuffled off the land to die in urban old people’s homes, which are not their own.

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