Let’s Party – The Crack is Good – Bring Your Own – Free Corkage

Let’s Party – The Crack is Good – Bring Your Own – Free Corkage

Marie Porter – Sov Indo

Following last month’s great news for junkies, with drop in cafes to be opened for them in city center locations so they can shoot up in comfort, life just got even better for the better classes of junkies as they’ll soon be having their drugs tested for free by staff at trendy nightclubs to ensure they’re taking the purest illicit substances they can get their cushy job salaries on as they go dancing away the night together at the latest trendy hotspot.


This is apparently a new ‘health’ initiative aimed at cutting the number of drug related deaths amongst those who can’t seem to live life without cocaine and other substances to ensure that the average drug dealer doesn’t lose any customers at the local drop in café.


It’s turning into an all-day legalised drug fest as well to do ‘recreational drug users’ can now recreate a foggy new reality in their minds and spend some time sipping cappuccino with their favourite drug of choice and probably a delicious croissant before heading off for the nightclub.

Yes, you read correctly, a new health initiative to create new business for designer drug dealers and help ‘recreational users’ stay recreational users’ for longer to ensure long term customers for the same dealers who sell heroin to street junkies.

And who will be running this lefty lunatic fringe ‘service’?

The very nightclubs and music festivals where many of these ‘recreational users’ got their first ‘hit’ and who have been running illegal drug emporiums for decades with the full knowledge of the Gardaí of course.

To suggest that making sure that drug users have the purest drugs in their bodies is an insane way of saving their pitiful lives and is enough to make a ‘recreational drug user’ choke on their lattes and chocolate éclairs as ‘euphoria’ streams into their system; sorry, replace ‘their lattes and chocolate éclairs’ with their own vomit, which in the long term is probably more likely.

There’s no mention of stopping these trendy habitual toff junkies getting a hold of Class A drugs in the first place but it’s stated that changes in the law must be brought in to facilitate, generally young people, wasting their entire lives on drugs and making dealers richer.

If anyone seriously thinks that nightclub owners give a damn about the health of their customers then they wouldn’t have been facilitating the supply of drugs to them for decades already… But it’s ok now… it’s going to be legal.

Even if nightclub staff qualified to test the purity of drugs were honest, there’s nothing to stop anyone cutting any crap into any drug when they’re inside the premises. They’re not going to be bodily searched for other ingredients.

All that will happen is that a dealer will hand over a small but pure sample for testing and before a fraction of a gram is sold on to clubbers, which it undoubtedly will be, it will be cut with anything available, on the top of a toilet seat, either on site or brought in by dealers, to bulk it out before sale.

This is nothing more than the legalisation of drug dealing on the very same premises and venues it has been known to have been going on in for decades illegally.

I wonder how many trendy drug users we’ll hear about in the near future who have overdosed on high strength, high purity drugs?

The answer… Zero!

No drug dealer will decrease their profits by adhering to legal limits on impurity because a night club chemistry student says so. After all, that’s how they make huge profits and they don’t care if a few trendies die to achieve them.

There are plenty more to take their place at the local Amsterdam inspired coffee shop’ or nightclub.

This has clearly nothing to do with caring for drug users or more importantly stopping the supply of drugs.

It’s all about making it easier to become a drug user without fear of prosecution and making sure you stay a user with the full backing of the state.








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