MMR Vaccine Propaganda Uses ‘Traumatised Granny’ Fable – But Don’t Mention Autism!

MMR Vaccine Propaganda Uses ‘Traumatised Granny’ Fable – But Don’t Mention Autism!

Marie Porter – Sov Indo

In a clear example of disgusting ‘vaccine’ promotion, The Telegraph makes up a story of a grandmother taking her granddaughter to the clinic to be ‘immunised’.

Children from birth to the age of 3 years and 4 months in the UK currently get 37 doses of ‘vaccine’. If you care to check please be aware that some ‘vaccines’ listed as ‘single shot’ are not for a particular single disease. MMR is an obvious example, and unlike other ‘vaccines’ listed as ‘4 in 1’ or ‘5 in 1’ for some reason MMR is not listed as a ‘3 in 1’ which it clearly is.

So, granny has been tasked with taking her granddaughter ‘Rose’ to get her MMR jab at 1 year old, and is apparently ‘traumatised’ at the prospect and wondering how to best carry out her ‘duty’.

Her previous ‘traumas’ with Rose have apparently included, in this Big Pharma promotion piece, Head bumps. Failure to put on a nappy. Overuse of the dummy”. It seems that granny is easily ‘traumatised’ to me.

We’re told that her biggest ‘challenge’ has now occurred with her daughter asking her to take little Rose for her MMR jab.

Jabs? The very word fills me with horror. When my own three – including Rose’s mother – were growing up, I was always terrified of any dire consequences from injections. This wasn’t helped by the fact that I wrote a family page for a women’s magazine at the time. This made me all too aware of the arguments raging over MMR and the likes.

The underlined sentences contain the links above which are again clear propaganda pieces.

In another clear example of how the Big Pharma machine operates, they try to mask the clear evidence that ‘vaccines’ cause seizures in children by claiming that it’s perfectly safe to give children with epilepsy these dangerous cocktails of viruses and toxic chemicals, despite their own information on vaccine insert packaging warning that seizures can occur following ‘vaccination’.

Endemically corrupt and dishonest organisations such as the CDC have to add the caveat that there is a likelihood of seizures being caused by vaccines, with the MMR ‘vaccine’ highlighted in bold text on their own website.

“Infants and young children are most at risk for febrile seizures.”

Up to 5% of young children will have a febrile seizure at some time in their life.  Febrile seizures happen in children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years, with most occurring between 14–18 months of age. About 1 out of every 3 children who have a febrile seizure will have at least one more during childhood. There is a small increased risk for febrile seizures after MMR and MMRV vaccines.

Studies have shown a small increased risk for febrile seizures during the 5 to 12 days after a child has received their first vaccination with the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine.  The risk is slightly higher with the measles, mumps, rubella, varicella (MMRV) combination vaccine, but the risk is still small.  Studies have not shown an increased risk for febrile seizures after the separate varicella (chickenpox) vaccine.

This is not a ‘conspiracy theory’… Read the information yourself and ask yourself if the insanity of ‘vaccination’ is worth the risk and bear in mind that children went to ‘measles parties’ when I was a child where parents took them to deliberately catch measles to give them life-long immunity, which it did. No ‘vaccine’ has ever done that and that’s just another FACT.

As you can imagine, the Big Pharma owned mainstream media is running scared at the thought that people may actually be beginning to realise the fraud of ‘vaccination’ and the risks involved and going back to the days of ‘measles parties’ with the same garbage rolled out about ‘vaccines’ being the greatest life saving measure in medical history.

Roald Dahl, the world famous children’s book author, is used as the ‘snake oil salesman’ of this witch doctor pseudo-science as he pushes for mass ‘vaccination’ because his child caught measles. However, on barely scratching the surface of the assumption that his daughter died of measles we see that she actually died of encephalitis which is not measles or caused by measles. It is a different condition entirely and to connect the two to give the impression that measles was to blame, to push MMR compliance, is pure fiction just like his books for children and just as false to any adult with the intelligence of the average child to see that to be the case.

Furthermore, it’s clear that the greatest life saving measure in human history was simply the introduction of better hygiene, better sanitation, better food and better living conditions generally. That is also a FACT and still is.

But anyway, never mind the facts, granny has been reassured…

“It’s fine, mum,’ says my daughter tersely. ‘Remember that the consultant told us that ages ago.”

That would be the same kind of dishonest and immoral consultant who tells parents that seizures and autism after ‘vaccination’ have nothing to do with ‘vaccines’ because ‘vaccines’ are perfectly safe. This is despite the clear warnings to the contrary printed on every ‘vaccine’ insert packaging which no parent ever gets to know even exists and certainly never gets to read just in case they get the right idea that ‘vaccines’ are extremely dangerous to their children’s health.

But it seems that mommy, daddy and granny are primarily concerned about who gets the blame for hurting little Rose with the pointy thing at the clinic… No mention is made of its contents.

Granny decides she needs a distraction so that the lovely nurse can shoot Rose up with the lethal cocktail at the other end of the sharp needle so she lets Rose rummage through drawers in the bedroom and comes up with her favourite teddy bear who I suppose will get the blame for any hurt caused.

Granny heads to the clinic and Rose is successfully distracted and poisoned with unknown consequences for her near future and indeed the rest of her life.

Granny takes Rose home only to discover she has come down with a rash but what seems like the most important thing rather than Rose’s health is that the teddy bear has vanished.

Rose looks around the bedroom and becomes inconsolable that the bear has vanished only to be found in daddy’s car later. Better still, the rash has gone, just like the doctor said it would and there ends the happy tale of Rose and her MMR jab.

Of course it is complete fiction and the ramifications for many, with around 1 in 50 children developing autism with the extreme end of the spectrum causing unimaginable trauma for parents which Rose’s granny clearly has no comprehension of.

I can imagine her trauma on discovering that Rose had become severely autistic as a consequence of the MMR shot when she discovered Rose ransacking the whole house, randomly smashing up furniture and beating her head against the wall because the bear wasn’t where it should be and being non-verbal Rose can’t even tell granny she’s looking for the bear. She’d also peed and pooped on herself and is smearing it all over granny’s flowery wallpaper and when she calls the nice consultant to ask why this is happening he’ll simply say – “It’s just one of those things, nothing to do with the vaccine”.

Maybe mommy, daddy and granny will believe him and maybe they won’t but it’ll make little difference to Rose who will be traumatised for the rest of her life in a living hell that nobody could possibly imagine or understand and no teddy bear is going to change that.



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  • Waiting for May, Brussels eyes December Brexit deal November 22, 2017
    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - When Theresa May visits Brussels on Friday, EU negotiators will be listening intently for signs the British prime minister is preparing to risk a domestic backlash and raise her offer to secure a Brexit deal in December.

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