The Flat Earth End of the World – Welcome to Pacific Falls 

The Flat Earth End of the World – Welcome to Pacific Falls 

Marie Porter – Sov Indo

I was recently sent a video on the theory that the Earth is flat.


As I cannot verify that the Earth is a spinning ball either I decided to take a look.



It apparently features an interview between a student of Stirling University and the presenter, a proponent of the Flat Earth hypothesis.


It starts out to prove the point that pictures of the Loch Ness Monster are no more proof of that mythical creature than pictures of the Earth supposedly taken from space are evidence that the Earth is not flat. In both cases this is true.


However, the first problem I encountered was that the presenter then goes on to show the interviewee a series of pictures on his electronic tablet of various objects in space whilst quoting YouTube videos as further evidence to verify the case and yet these are as much ‘evidence’ as the original picture of the Loch Ness Monster.


I have a number of issues with the theory that the Earth is flat although to be fair, ever since I was old enough to think about it, I always had a problem with the idea that we were on a high velocity spinning ball too but can’t prove otherwise.


A few questions for those who wish me to believe that the Earth is flat with no eye witness testimony.


Eye witness testimony should be far easier in the case of a Flat Earth than trying to prove that the Earth is a sphere for obvious reasons. We don’t have to get into some kind of space rocket to go above the stratosphere to take a look at it; a simple commercial airline or even a hot air balloon will do just fine.


So, here are a few questions for Flat Earth proponents:-

Question 1 :-


Taking the map above, if I get on a plane in Mexico and fly in a straight line to Algeria and then following the same direct path I fly across Southern China and keep going, what is the next land mass I will see?


Surely if the Earth is flat, at some point along my route I will come to the edge of it and from my aircraft window clearly be able to see where the Pacific Ocean pours over that edge. I would imagine that if that were the case then there would be no Pacific Ocean. Simple scientific observation should prove without doubt that the Pacific Ocean is still there.


The fact that people have flown over the Pacific Ocean countless times on the way to and from the Americas, it seems that no edge exists or someone would have seen it and no doubt there would be video of such an astonishing discovery. There is no evidence of this phenomenon.


Question 2 :-


The interviewer mentions the point repeatedly that when on an aircraft and looking out towards the ‘horizon’, the word root coming from the word horizontal of course, that we should see some degree of curvature on the surface. I hear no mention of the fact that if the Earth is a sphere then that curvature is not only going away from you and to the sides but also towards you.


Haven’t most of us at some point in our lives watched a ship sink below the horizon? I have and it clearly drops gradually out of sight, not because I can’t see that far as it moves away from me. I know that because I can still see the top of the ship as it finally disappears out of sight.


Any curvature on such a small scale from an aircraft window would not be visible to the naked eye simply due to the fact that your eye will view the ‘horizon’ as flat regardless of any curvature on such a small scale because at that distance your eye cannot detect that curvature because you are not just seeing what is directly ahead of you, but your peripheral vision is taking in everything else in that panorama and adjusting accordingly or you would see the periphery as a blur.


And yes, the interviewer makes a good point that water cannot form to any object but can only be a flat surface. However, we are not talking about a motionless body of water, and in terms of the oceans, it is never flat.


Question 3 :-


If the Earth is not moving then what moves the tides?


To suggest that it is the gravitational pull of the Moon or Sun would seem the most likely explanation which is the one we’ve been given because there seems to be a clear correlation between that phenomenon. That said, when we look at the Sun and the Moon they appear to the naked eye as round discs. Are we to assume that these are also flat or is there some other unknown explanation as to why these may be considered spheres whilst using a different logic to state that the Earth is flat?


Furthermore, if the Earth is flat and the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West, then I’d like an explanation as to where it disappears to between sunset and sunrise. This also applies to the Moon.


As the seasons progress, we also see the Sun vary in height in the Earth’s sky throughout the year which we’re told is due to the relationship of movement between the two objects. This has happened for millennia, every year without fail.


We also see large variations in temperature and weather patterns which I would think would be negligible if the Earth was flat as there would be a more constant coverage of sunlight over the whole vista.


That said I would also expect to see the seasons constant over the whole surface of Earth instead of what we can observe now, namely the opposite seasons occurring at the same time between what we know of as the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

How can this be if the Earth is flat?

There is also the matter of the Poles, the Arctic and Antarctic, where ice remains constant through summer melts and winter freezes and temperatures on what we know of as the Equator stay constant. How can this possibly happen if the Earth is one flat land mass?


We also know that weather systems move across the surface of the earth. What happens in the Flat Earth world when a weather system reaches that mythical edge which nobody has ever observed? Does it simply disappear or bounce off some invisible barrier and continue on its way in a different direction?


The interviewer also states that a solid barrier is required to keep opposing levels of pressure apart or contained. He used an aerosol can to demonstrate this. However, different barometric pressures do exist simultaneously all over Earth at the same time in the form of weather systems and regularly collide in open air causing the usual weather events; the most obvious being thunder and lightning storms.


The above are just a few points to consider but until anyone produces evidence by their own observation by showing where indeed this Flat Earth ends, and there must presumably be a point in every direction of the compass to show it, then the fact is that it’s not flat.


It’s not a matter of NASA or anyone else telling us something which we can’t prove for ourselves to be untrue. Of course no ordinary person will ever be able to get to a great enough height above the surface of Earth to verify or not whether the Earth is a sphere but as stated above, countless people have flown on countless aircraft at heights where they can clearly observe the surface of Earth and yet not one single person has ever claimed to have seen the edge of it.


You can be sure that if I were on an aircraft and saw the edge of the Earth and the world’s largest waterfall then everyone on my side of the aircraft would see the same thing and everyone else on the other side would be climbing over seats to have a look.


People would freak out!


It has never happened and never will because there is some other explanation.


But we do not live on a flying saucer….






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