The TV License: A Legalised Government Enforced Extortion Racket

 The TV License: A Legalised Government Enforced Extortion Racket

Marie Porter – Sov Indo


If a sales rep knocked on your front door and asked you to buy whatever piece of junk he was selling and you politely but firmly refused his offer, would you expect to receive a bill because there was the potential for you to have accepted his product?


If the Irish Independent decided to post a copy of their publication through every door in Ireland which nobody asked for and then proceeded send a bill for doing so, would you feel obliged to pay it?


The two cases above may seem ridiculous but they are no less ridiculous than RTE beaming a signal into your home, without your permission, and claiming that simply by doing so and the fact that you have a device that can pick up that signal amongst hundreds of other for free, that you now owe them €160 regardless of the fact that you may or may not utilise that signal to your benefit in any way.


That is nothing less than an extortion racket which is legalised by government and enforced by private bully boys which an average Dublin gangster could learn lessons from. Not paying the license fee is punishable by way of a fine and eventually a prison sentence.


There is no logical reason explaining why anyone is forced to take RTE’s signal and no justification to charge for it.


But now it takes on a new twist as more people either refuse to pay it or simply cannot afford to pay it.


It is now being proposed that RTE’s extortion money is added to utility bills thus making it impossible for people to avoid or else they face the prospect of the lights going out. If people cannot afford to pay the license fee because they need that cash to pay for their essential utilities, then this is just another example of the callous disregard which politicians have for the public they claim to ‘serve’.


Even as you attempt to pay the extortion racket protection money you will still be hauled off, at great expense, by the dumbed down police enforcers to the local jail to face the wrath of the ‘justice’ system.


But not if you’re a supermarket giant called Tesco who commits serious fraud. No chance of jail-time for any these major criminals.


I have heard it said in all seriousness that RTE are a public service, state broadcaster providing an essential service for the Irish people. If it truly is a public service then why does RTE air soap operas and movies and what is loosely defined as ‘entertainment’ across a broad spectrum? What has ‘entertainment’ to do with a public service?


If RTE truly was a public service broadcaster it would not have such trivial junk aired on its network. It would only broadcast items which are in the public interest. Fair City and the Late Late Show could never be described as representative of the public interest.


The only reason there are serious issues discussed on the Late Late Show, sandwiched between gossip column celebrity trash talk, with the moronic Ryan Turburdy, is purely propaganda for the State.


‘Entertainment’ and the promise of wonderful prizes, and you must be watching to claim them of course, is nothing more than a carrot to ensure your idiotic attention to the propaganda being fed to you between such trivialities.


If RTE or other similar organisations want to be seen as ‘public service broadcasters’, wouldn’t it make sense to ditch all that garbage and concentrate resources on factual information for the public? Think of how much that would save the beleaguered ‘extortion racket’ payee? But of course that would never happen because without the ‘entertainment’ nobody would swallow the propaganda, which is also embedded in the so called ‘entertainment’.


But now the latest twist in the saga is that RTE are somehow going to try to impose their ‘extortion racket’ on anyone with any device, PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, who can access RTE online and will have to pay a ‘license fee’ for the privilege.


This is an amazing assumption and complete arrogance on the part of RTE in that it truly believes people are en masse accessing such drivel on their devices.


I have news for RTE… There are far more credible websites than theirs for people to access.


This takes extortion to a new level and is almost akin to thought crime…


“We assume you are going to use the RTE website so give us your money or go to jail.”


Good luck finding a legal basis for that argument.


All it takes to stop this and every other piece of government legislated gangsterism is for the public simply to refuse to pay en masse… everything from this absurd ‘license fee’ to water charges etc…


If not then the government gangsters will continue to extort every last cent from a public too concerned and blinded by ‘entertainment’ to see the reality and degradation of their society and its collapse going on around them….









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